Author: Mapalo Mutale

Analysis of Social Sector Spending on Child Sensitive Areas in Zambia’s 2019 National Budget: The Case of Education, Health and Social Protection.

The Policy Brief highlights the budgetary allocation to three sectors; Social Protection, Education and Health in as contained in Zambia’s 2019 National Budget. It provides a general analysis of the…
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Zambia’s Drive Towards Relaunching A National Airline: Lesson from other African countries.

The Government of the Republic of Zambia has been implementing policy decisions aimed at re-launching its National Airline since 2014. The previous National Airline went under in 1994 largely due…
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2017 National Symposium on Agriculture

Zambia’s agriculture sector provides the main support for the rural economy and is by far the most important sector for sustainable growth and reducing poverty. The sector serves as a…
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