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STATE OF THE ECONOMY BRIEF: 2021 Mid-Year Economic Performance.

Zambia has continued to face the negative health and economic impacts of COVID-19 as the pandemic has now evolved into a more severe and contagious third wave. As at end June 2021, the total number of cumulative COVID-19 cases stood at 154,948 with a daily positivity rate of about 25 percent. For the first half…
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The Centre for Trade Policy and Development this morning launched its first ever Economic brief quarter one highlights and prospects for the second quarter.According to the brief, the macroeconomic outlook for the first quarter of 2021 seems to be abysmal, partly suggestive that the long journey to economic recovery is perhaps still at the take-off…
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Recent policy developments in Zambia have shown that improving access to finance and addressingmarketing-related risks for smallholders can drive economy-wide growth Download Here

2020 CTPD Budget Analysis Report

he 2020 National Budget was presented under the theme “Focusing national priorities towards stimulating the domestic economy” and prioritizes creating fiscal space, ensuring debt sustainability and dismantling domestic arrears (GRZ, 2019). The 2020 National Budget seeks to improve the fiscal position of the government, put debt accumulation on a more sustainable path and stimulate domestic…
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The National Airline Study – The Business Model and Financing Option for Zambia Airways: Where will the Money come from?

The Zambian government seeks to relaunch its National Flag carrier, Zambia Airways, using a Joint Venture agreement with Ethiopian Airlines as the strategic partner. Zambia Airways is envisaged to have domestic, regional and intercontinental flights and requiring an initial investment of US$30 million (GRZ, 2018). Airlines can be operated using a number of business models:…
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Implications on Public Debt on Expenditure towards Children.

The accumulation of unsustainable debt, among the world’s heavily indebted poor countries, has resulted in poor developmental progress for children. Since the 1990s, the United Nations Children’s Fund has been voicing out its concern about the plight of children in indebted poor countries, driven by spending on servicing external debt ratherthan on basic health and…
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Weathering the Storm of Rising Public Debt: Options for Public Debt Management and Debt Re-structuring in Zambia

Rising public debt is a growing concern in most African countries. It has now become more apparent that the burden of Africa’s debt has become so excruciating and acts like an albatross on the neck of the African economies and its people. What is even more worrisome about Africa’s rising public debt is the fact…
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Analysis of Social Sector Spending on Child Sensitive Areas in Zambia’s 2019 National Budget: The Case of Education, Health and Social Protection.

The Policy Brief highlights the budgetary allocation to three sectors; Social Protection, Education and Health in as contained in Zambia’s 2019 National Budget. It provides a general analysis of the size and composition of budget allocations to the three sectors for the year 2019. Download Here

Zambia’s Drive Towards Relaunching A National Airline: Lesson from other African countries.

The Government of the Republic of Zambia has been implementing policy decisions aimed at re-launching its National Airline since 2014. The previous National Airline went under in 1994 largely due to financial mismanagement and thus left the nation dependent on international carriers and domestic private airlines. Download Here