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With slightly over a fortnight since Zambia went to the polls and ushered in a new administration, expectations for the new Government are high as stakeholders within and outside the country await to see the policy direction that Government will take, with more stakeholders particularly interested to see the economic recovery strategy that will be…
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Leveraging Chinese Capital and Aid to Bolster Zambia’s Industrialization amid High Public Debt Levels – Part 2

This article is the sequel to last week’s which argued that amid Zambia’s high public debt levels, China is an important developmental partner for Zambia because of Chinese FDI and aid, but Zambia will need to leverage this relationship to bolster its own industrial development.

When No intervention Means Intervention: Harnessing Agriculture Residence Requires Strategic Thinking

In my last week’s feature of the Monday opinion, I highlighted general trends of resilience in the agricultural sector, particularly at a micro-scale. An argument was made that this trend shows more could be achieved with the sector particularly that the Government of the Republic of Zambia identified agriculture as a key priority sector in…
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Agriculture resilience shows more can be achieved with the sector

In this feature, I argue that general trends of resilience in the agricultural sector particularly at a micro-scale show more could be achieved with the sector. Strategic planning underpinned by the long term could help to unlock and harness the sector’s potential. The Government of the Republic of Zambia identified agriculture as a key priority…
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Strategies for enhancing the contribution of the Gemstone Mining Sector to Zambia’s economy

In last week’s Monday Opinion, I undertook a review of Zambia’s Gemstone mining sector particularly drawing your attention to its historical background and technical status. In this Monday Opinion I escalate the conversation further by explicating how the gemstone mining sector can meaningfully contribute to Zambia’s economy. Before delving into this, I will highlight some…
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A review of Zambia’s Mining Sector

In this Monday Opinion, I draw your attention to the topic of Zambia’s gemstone mining sector. The motivation of this undertaking resides in the fact that mining public discourse has not done much justice in reviewing its historical background, and status. Firstly, I will give a generic formal introduction to the gemstone mining sector. I…
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COVID-19, Hospital Fees and the National Health Insurance Scheme

The National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) has been operational since October of 2019. The NHIS was established by the National Health Insurance Act No 2 of 2018. (By Chileshe G. Mange)

Monday Opinion

Last week on our Weekly Column published in the Newsdiggers, we covered what interest rates are, their types and essence to the broader economy. In this week’s edition of the Monday Opinion, we explain why the proposed Government recapitalization of state-owned banks is not a panacea to lower interest rates in Zambia.

Monday Opinion

This week on our Weekly Column Published in the Newsdiggers Daily Tabloid , we feature CTPD Head of Research Mr Boyd Muleya as he discusses ” Demystifying Interest rates and their dynamics in Zambia”